Tools & Gear I Use

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Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on this page contain affiliate links. If you buy through my links, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

🖥️ Website and platforms

All the services I use to sell, market, and build an audience.

I simply love Webflow! Why didn't I use it sooner? I designed this entire website with Webflow. You can design a website without coding but still have the freedom to customize it the way I want. Plus, Webflow's help tutorial are phenomenal!

Hostinger is my choice when it comes to web hosting. Not only are its servers one of the most fastest and reliable, their customer support is world class.

For email marketing, I've been using Drip since 2018. They are one of the more advanced platforms so if you're starting out, I recommend ConvertKit instead as the interface is easier to use and includes a landing page builder. ConvertKit is also free for the first 1000 subscribers you build.

For my shopping cart/product sales system, I use ThriveCart. They currently offer lifetime access so you only need to pay once instead of a pricey monthly/yearly subscription for equivalent cart systems. You can embed checkout forms anywhere, offer an affiliate program, do one-click upsells, create subscriptions, and more.

To host my online courses, I use Thinkific. No need to mess around with code or plugins. Simply drag and drop your course material, setup your prices, landing page, and you're done. It's free for the first course you host and you can have unlimited students. Try Thinkific here.

Used for popups, alert bars, and opt-in forms. I joined as a lifetime member when they first launched and appreciate the updates the team at ConvertBox are making.

Koji allows you to create a "link in bio" page for social media. What's great is you can add on things like tip jars, sell digital products, offer requests, and more. Check out my Koji link in bio here.

To shorten and brand links, I use Rebrandly.


The tools that help me stay organized and get more done.

I organize all my notes, projects, content calendars, goals, reading lists, and ideas on Notion.

For to-do's and task management, I use Things as it's a minimal, intuitive app that works on all Apple devices.

Track where your time is being spent on your computer and what applications and sites you're on most so you can focus on the right things and reduce, systemize, or eliminate unproductive tasks.

Google Drive
My team and I use Google Drive to store, sync, and backup our files.

🤓 Design

Everything I use to design graphics.

I use Canva to design almost everything from ebooks and guides to social media's all done on Canva.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Out of all the Adobe apps, I use Photoshop (graphics editing), Lightroom (photo enhancement), and Premier Pro (video editing). Most of my YouTube Thumbnails are designed in Photoshop.


Gear and tech I use to run my YouTube channel.

Camera and lens

Sony A7C (body only) and Sony G Master 24mm f/1.4 lens. This combo will set you back about $3000 USD. This is my main camera gear from August 2021.

2020-2021 SETUP
Canon M50 and Sigma 16mm f/1.4. This is a great combo for under $1000. I recorded over 100 videos with this.

Feelworld F6 Plus monitor for camera
The screen on the monitor is quite small so I use this external monitor


For the key light, I use a Godox SL60W and purchased a separate dome, the Neewer 30"x30" softbox to diffuse the light.


RODE Procaster
The main microphone I use for screen recordings.

For videos where I'm not showing my screen, I have the RODE NTG5 above and out of frame which connects via XLR to a Zoom H5 audio recorder. I find audio to be higher quality recording on an external record like the Zoom H5.

Zoom H5
From the RODE NTG5, I record directly into the Zoom H5.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB interface
To connect the RODE Procaster to your computer, you need a USB interface like this. The link is for the latest model as I have an older model.

Video Editing

For screen tutorials, Screenflow has been my go-to app for many years. Although it is a MacOS-only app, you can use other tools like Camtasia or Loom.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Talking head videos are edited, color corrected, and graded in Premier Pro.

Epidemic Sound
For background music and sound effects, I always turn to Epidemic Sound first.

Video captioning and subtitling service.

YouTube Growth Tools

The main YouTube keyword research tool I use that will provide you with search volume stats, keyword suggestions, extra channel analytics, and its unique "Daily Ideas" tool. Watch my keyword research tutorial.

As a secondary keyword research tool, I use TubeBuddy.