Grow Your YouTube Channel With The Master YouTube Content Planner

From 💡 Idea to ✅ publish, this planner will help you capture ideas, script your videos, and stay consistent and organized with your YouTube channel!

Does any of this sound like you?

You find it challenging posting on a consistent basis?

You don't know what to post next and have no clear content strategy?

You don't know how to script a YouTube video that gets views and subscribers?

You feel like you're "winging it" and have no system in place?

I was in the same boat...

"Just hit the record button" is what I told myself

But this method proved to fail me every time because I would:

👉 Stumble on my words
👉 Go off topic
👉 Made editing 10 times harder...

...because of all the words that I wish I hadn't said.

More so, I didn't even have a clear idea of what I was talking about in the first place! As a result, engagement was low and my channel's growth was slow.

Each week when it was time to publish a new video, I would stress out at the thought of what to post next 🤷

The Problem With Note-Taking Apps 📝

I needed a system that allowed me to capture ideas and convert those ideas into winning YouTube videos.

I wanted to know exactly what I was going to publish weeks in advance so I wasn't just "winging it".

Apple Notes was good for capturing ideas but it wasn't great for scheduling and seeing everything from a birds-eye view.

So that's when I decided to create...

The Master YouTube Content Planner is the exact system I used to grow my YouTube channel to almost 300,000 subscribers in less than 3 years.

I thought, if this drastically helped me then it would help many others trying to grow their channels.

Now you can grab the exact planner that I use and be on your way to a successful YouTube channel!

The Master YouTube Content Planner is a Notion template that you simply add to your Notion account as a new workspace. And don't worry, Notion is a free workspace/project management tool.

It's the perfect companion if you have an educational YouTube channel where you're sharing tips, how-to's, and even product reviews as I'm an online educator.

What's Included?

In the Basic core package, you will get:

The Master YouTube Content Planner
The main planner that's ready to use, compatible with a free Notion account.
Video Script Templates
1-click-to-load video script templates using my winning video formula. Simply fill in the blanks.
Getting Started Video Tutorial
Get up and running in no time. Step-by-step quick start video included.

Get Instant Access Today!


  • The Master YouTube Content Planner
  • Video script template for general tips & how-to's
  • Video script template for product reviews
  • Step-by-step getting started video tutorial

You'll get instant access to everything listed depending on the option you choose above.

Requirement: You will need Notion (free) to open the Master YouTube Content Planner.


Does it include your content ideas?

Definitely not 😄 Ideas and topics are specific to your niche, personality, values, and goals. You will get access to the main planner/template so you can start adding your own ideas. The Master YouTube Content Planner is simply the system.

What do I need to use the planner?

There's no extra cost involved. All you need is a Notion account which you can sign up for here. It's free and you do not need to go on a paid plan.

You will also receive a "Getting Started" video tutorial showing you how to get up and running today.

Can I get a refund if this course doesn’t end up being for me?

Of course. I’ll be offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. No questions asked. Contact us via email to

Will this make me post consistently?

That will depend on you such as the amount of time, effort, and persistent you have. Although I cannot make any guarantees, I can say that it has helped me stay on top of my schedule. I wish the same for you.

Can I use the planner with my team?

Yes! You are more than welcome to invite team members. The way I built this template was to have people such as video editors and project managers to collaborate on videos. It helps everyone know where each video is at in the workflow.

I have a question that wasn't answered here

No problem! Simply email me at with your question and I would be happy to answer!