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Build a Thriving Online Business So That You Can Do What Matters To You

You want to build a thriving online business that ultimately allows you to quit your day job and provides the lifestyle that you want—whether that’s to spend more time with your loved ones or to travel around the world.

You’re optimistic, positive and you’re hungry to succeed and you know that it’s going to take hard work and patience to get there.

Whether you need guidance to starting or growing a business or need that little bit of inspiration to tell you to keep on going in your entrepreneurial venture, you’re in the right place.

But something is stopping you, isn’t it?

  • You don’t know where to begin when it comes to an online business.

  • You’re scared of failing and that’s stopping you from initiating your idea.

  • You don’t have a strategy and business model to follow.

  • You have a set of skills or expertise and want to learn how to turn it into a business.

  • You want to learn how to build an audience who not only know, like and trust you but also becomes a loyal customer of yours for many years.

I’ve been there, too.

My name is Aurelius Tjin. Since 2004, I’ve been a digital entrepreneur and founded multiple online businesses from online courses and ebooks to membership sites. I teach other online entrepreneurs like yourself the methods, principles and strategies that worked for me so you too can live life on your terms.

Backtrack to when I started…

I know what it feels like to wake up to a job that you hate and repeat the same vicious cycle each and every day. I was stuck in a laborious job working as a supermarket shelf-filler 6 days a week.

My mom would always tell me to get a real job—to study hard, work for a big company, wear a suit and go into an office every day. But I just couldn’t see myself going that path.

So what was my motive?

I wanted control over my freedom. I wanted the choice to work when, where and how I wanted—and not have restrictions that would stop me from living my life to its full potential.

And so my search began.

I literally Googled “make money online”.

From there I tried everything from affiliate marketing, creating apps to buying and selling domain names.

But just like many beginners, I fell into many traps. I bought course after course and fell for the next shiny object.

Some things did well while others flopped.

Learning from my failures and accumulating more than $100,000 in debt from chasing after “quick wins”, I began to build my online business like a real business owner and thought more long-term. I learned building a successful business is like a marathon rather than a sprint. You have to endure, be patient and know that nothing good is going to come easy.

From there, business started to grow which meant I needed to start hiring people. That’s when I hired my first staff. I continued on to build a team of 10 staff who all work remotely.

What began as a side hustle to quit my job, now turns over multi six figures per year while working less than 20 hours a week.

I live by a few core beliefs:

  1. I believe you can create a successful online business that supports the lifestyle that you want and do what you love.

  2. I believe for you to be successful, it starts with having a positive mental attitude. That means, knowing that there's no quick fix or solution, being persistent, and being a constant learner of this business.

  3. I believe you have a deeper meaning to why you want to start your entrepreneurial pursuit and go against the norm. You want to spend more time with your kids, buy that dream home, travel around the world or make an impact to the world with your message.

The “reason why” I chose this path

Although quitting my job to pursue freedom and to make more money was a goal of mine, the ultimate dream and "reason why" I did it all was to eventually do the things I love.

My wife and I have been able to travel twice around the world for four months straight, traveling in all parts of Europe and Asia, while still maintaining the business.

What’s more, it allows me to spend more time with my daughter and watch every milestone of hers.

Now I'm here to share the lessons, strategies and ways that I have used in my business to make six-figures a year, working just 20 hours a week.

On this site, I share my most valuable advice on:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Self-growth and mindset

  • Online marketing

  • Digital product creation

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