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Turn What You Know Into a Profitable (and Binge-Worthy) Channel. Built For Non-Techies and YouTube Newbies.

Extract Your Passion Launch Your Channel → Monetize Your Knowledge


Let's summarize what you are going to get:

  • 15 modules containing 100 step-by-step videos
  • Bonuses including templates, checklists, and plans
  • Private access to the members only Community
  • Lifetime Access to the YouTube MasterCourse
  • Instant access so you can get started right away


Do I have to be an expert or teacher to launch an educational channel?

Nope! Everyone has unique knowledge they can teach others — but chances are, you’re just so close to it you don’t realize this. But you’re sitting on way more info than you know. As Derek Sivers says; “Obvious to you. Amazing to others.

How is the course delivered?

You will be immediate access to the entire course. This isn't a 6-week or 12-week program so the modules and lessons are not dripfed. After enrolling, you login and can get right into the course without waiting.

I’m busy. Really busy. How much time will this take?

This course condenses years of knowledge into 15 modules. You can watch ten minutes a day (or more!) depending on your schedule. Each module is cut into bite-size lessons making them easily digestible.

Is it possible to have a successful channel without showing my face?

Yes, it's definitely possible as I have seen multiple YouTube channels with no face. But it isn't what I recommend. Forward-facing videos perform better, and YouTube MasterCourse hones in on this advantage as we go through overcoming the fear of being on camera plus many other barriers.

How much access do I get to Aurelius?

You can post anytime inside our private community in Circle. I’ll be there every day to read and answer any questions, as well as provide feedback.

There are a million YouTube courses out there. What makes yours different?

Most courses specialize in the filmmaking aspect of YouTube. They create aesthetic videos with elaborate filming and editing techniques. We focus on the educational aspect. You’ll create concise, easy-to-make videos where you use what you know to educate others.

If this is a self-paced course, why am I being asked to join a cohort?

You’ll complete YouTube MasterCourse at your own pace, but you’ll start alongside Cohort One. This gives you the ability to join a community of other YouTubers and get hands-on assistance from me as I get everyone settled.

How much money should I expect to spend to set up my channel?

It will depend on which tier of gear you select — starter, intermediate, and Advanced. It ranges anywhere from $40 to $5,000. You could do fine with $0, but investing in a few inexpensive pieces of software can go a long way.

Is there a clear roadmap I can follow? YouTube is already overwhelming.

Yes. The course is in easy-to-follow and chronological modules. We’ll cover everything you need to know about creating, launching, and growing your educational channel.

Can I get a refund if this course doesn’t end up being for me?

Of course. I’ll be offering a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. No questions asked. Contact us via email to