How Reading Books Uncovered My Inner Entrepreneur

As a self-starter, it’s intuitive to want to grow and hone in on your craft.

In my childhood and teen days, I never used to read books, at least from start to finish. I was never an academic student nor did I ever go to university.

As a younger self, you’re asked:

“What do you want to become when you grow up?”

I never quite knew what I wanted to do or become. I thought about being a carpenter and build houses and at a later stage, I was so certain to work in I.T. and just work with computers all day.

I just thought that studying hard and working for someone was the only path to success.

In a million years, I wouldn’t have imagined of starting a business and be my own boss.

What triggered my pursuit as an entrepreneur was when I worked six days a week as a supermarket shelf-filler. I knew there was more to it than stacking shelves, day-in, day-out.

There was just something inside of me that was yearning for more. I didn’t know what it was.

That’s when I decided to start learning and take the path to self-discovery.

The Books That Changed My Life

The first ever self-improvement book I read was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s what lead me to believe that I can achieve whatever I put my mind into. It’s what got me through the difficult times of trying to make it as an entrepreneur, ignoring non-believers and just having a lot of faith in what I was pursuing.

In 2005, I recorded my first ever online video which I posted to Google Video (now YouTube) about taking action. It inspired me to make the video in the first place.

A frame taken from my first ever online video. Cringe-worthy to watch now to say the least!

A frame taken from my first ever online video. Cringe-worthy to watch now to say the least!

When it came to business and “becoming rich”, the book that inspired me to start a business was Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It gave me the financial education that you don’t normally get from going to school.

I traveled around the world for 6 months together with my wife, and it was because we were inspired by Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Workweek book. We thought to ourselves, “Why wait until we retire to see the world? Why not now, especially because we have an online business?”

Had I not read that book, I wouldn’t have been open to seeing the world, experience different cultures, do charity work, and attract new business opportunities from meeting like-minded people in other countries.

Simon Sinek’s book Find Your Why which, low and behold, helped me find my ‘why’, and that is to inspire people to pursue their entrepreneurial dream so that they too can live a life of freedom.

Don’t Fall Into The “Consumption Trap”

Knowledge is only power when applied.

You want to be applying more than you consume.

You want to be testing more than analyzing in your head of the probability of your product becoming a success.

Learn a great deal but apply relentlessly.

Nothing happens without movement.

Whether you seek to become an entrepreneur or have already started your pursuit, you’re one advice, lesson or book away from reaching the next step towards your dreams.

What are some books that helped you in your journey?
Leave your comments below.

Aurelius Tjin